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What is a website? Why should I have one or why should I redo mine?

A website is not a static brochure or a yellow page listing, it is the portal to your business for the world to see and where any potential new customer will make a decision whether or not to do business with you. A website is not only the virtual representation of your business, it provides visitors with the knowledge that your business exists and increasingly their first impression of your business.
A website is the first and most important step in the internet presence of your business. It is your business identity online and the representation of your products or services, it can make or diminish your credibility. Your website needs to be manageable and able to grow because branding an online presence is never-ending.

Ask yourself these questions:
– Is my website branding my business correctly?
– Is my website increasing or diminishing the credibility of my business?
– Does my website have well-written content?
– Are there outdated or poor quality pictures on my website?
– Is my website user friendly on mobile devices?
– Is my website recognized by search engines?
– Is there a blog platform integrated in my website so I can let my customers know about my latest news, products or events?
– Do I give visitors an option to share/refer my website through email and social media?
– Is my website actually a website, or is it made with one of the “favorite” and “free” blog/site templates out there? In other words, is it customized to represent my business accurately?

Talk to us about your business, how it works, who your customers are, what message you want to communicate. We have the capability to do photo editing, copywriting, logo work, redo or update, illustrations and more. The first step is developing content (words and images) and creating a wireframe which will define the structure, the main foundation of how the different pages of your websites will interact together to present your business in a non-confusing manner to the web world. You will obviously need a new design and more current and accurate copywriting. We can work from your existing website, pulling out the actual text for re-editing, select the color scheme, or we can review and redo your online content from scratch. Before we start developing with code, we will propose a design with a look and feel to make your business website work to its fullest potential. Next, after you have reviewed and accepted your new website and before we launch it, we will work on the codes – adding all the necessary elements for search engine recognition. After your website has been launched we will create a sitemap and submit it to the major search engines. 

Then the first and most important step for branding your business online will be done, but the work is not over…small and local businesses should be put on “the map,”  – the blog within your website should be updated at least on a monthly bases with new articles about your business such as latest news, products and events. Whatever you post on your integrated blog can also be emailed to your customers via an eNewsletter, should be posted on your business social media channels and linked to your website from there. Finally, it is a good practice to check the codes and scripts on an annual basis to see if any updates are necessary.

Check your business website for proper branding, credibility, well written content, outdated or poor quality pictures, mobile device functionality, SEO and social connections and contact us to discuss your business internet presence and how to reach your internet marketing goals.

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